Live Alive soon no longer ‘Alive’ …

Live Alive has been the ultimate radio rock programme during almost 20 years. Though some things have changed over time, such as the people working on the programme and the time of broadcasting, one thing remained constant: the love for rock music and our attempt to provide you, our dear listeners, with a programme you tune into with lots of pleasure! We regret to inform you that WOS Radio, the station hosting your favourite rock show, decided to change the evening format and to discontinue all ‘special interest’ programmes like the Blues programme, the Rock & Roll programme, and also Live Alive! We realise this is a sad thing not only for ourselves, but also for you, our listeners, and indeed for rock music itself! However, we feel confident that rock music will always be around. The members of the Live Alive team will continue to follow the rock & metal scene and we hope you will do the same. The difference will be that the familiar sound of Live Alive will no longer please your ears on Tuesday evenings. During the next weeks, until April 2015, we will definitely try to bring you your high quality rock programme, including a few live gigs! Read more about those gigs at this site. If you have a chance to drop by, please do so while it’s still possible! It’s free and even a cup of coffee or a beer is on the house! If you can’t visit us in person, then DO tune in to WOS Live Alive and let the bands and the team know you support them. Live Alive has been a famous and household name thanks to the dedicated team and thanks to you, our listeners! Only Heaven knows if there will be another Live Alive programme at some point in the future (and if so, you will surely read it right here at this site!). But for now, only a few weeks remain, the months of February and March 2015 will see the last editions of the Live Alive show for now. Our regular listeners already know this one remark we want to end with, simply because they hear it every week after the live songs opening every hour of the show, but we’ll gladly repeat it now: thanks for listening and “You know we looooooooooooooove you!”.

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Every Tuesday night from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock at WOS Radio: LIVE ALIVE!

Live Alive is a rock oriented program: metal, gothic, poprock, crossover and rock classics, it's all accounted for. Most important in Live Alive is live music. Once a month the show is all about the live performance of a local, national or international artist or band. These performances take place in the WOS studios in 's Gravenzande (NL). Also, in the festival season we pay extra attention to local festivals and regularly we have special guests. If you've got something interesting for us, please send an e-mail to

Live Alive is broadcasted on 87.6 FM (local ether), 93.1 and 107.9 (local cable). The rest of the world can listen through live stream.

Live Alive is hosted by Tico Prins, Jan Smit, Ron Smit and Gabor Verweij. The studio sound and recording during live performances are arranged by Rob van Essen, Jan Wilzing and Marcel Nooteboom. All pictures are made by Iwan de Brabander and Cristel Brouwer.

Live Alive could not be me made without the support of WOS Radio, Rock Inc., Limb Music, Frontiers Records, Tanzan Music, Mascot & Provogue Records, Locomotive Music, Suburban Records, SPV Gmbh, Angel Air Records, Hard Life Promotion, Rough Trade, Aardschok, Bertus en Piet Deunhouwer (Let it Rock) and Richard van Bohemen (webmaster).